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Gigs past & future - Please check Facebook for details.

26/9 - Woodstock, udenfor - Christiania! Hurra for Chris!! CANCELLED!

21/11 - Release of Exit:Cantina - Café Bartof, Frederiksberg!

27/6 - Magisk Midsommer - Djursland kl. 17:45

23/05 - Dragnes Gardens - Horsens -cancelled

22/05 - Rock & BBQ - Viborg

20/05 - Zeppelin - Vesterbro

16/04 - Vesterbro Fortorvs Fest, Krist Kirken

25/04 - Las Vegas - Djursland

24/04 - Gyngen, Århus

14/03 - Klub Geyser - CPH

20/02 - Operaen  - Christiania

05/02 - Studenterhuset - CPH

22/01 - Ørestad Bibliotek - CPH

10/01 - Rust - CPH

09/01 - Blågårds Apotek - CPH


03/12 - Blågårds Apotek - CPH

15/11 - Dome Of Visions - CPH

28/10 - Headquarters - Århus

24/10 - Analog Bar - CPH

12/07 - Ingemandsland - Farsø

01/07 - Mojo - CPH

28/06 - Magisk Midsommer - Djursland

07/06 - Analog Bar - CPH

24/05 - Café Retro - CPH

10/05 - Gyngen - Århus

02/05 - Råhuset - CPH

15/04 - PH Caféen - CPH

12/04 - Analog Bar - CPH

17/01 - Kulter.Islands.Bryg - CPH


20/12 - Operaen - Christiania

29/11 - Blågårds Apotek - CPH

31/08 - Blågårds Plads - CPH

11/05 - Vesterbro festival - CPH

24/04 - Blågårds Apotek - CPH

21/03 - Ghetsemane Kirke - CPH

13/03 - Spejderkonferrence - Nyborg

22/02 - Industrien - Aarup

31/01 - Klub Geyser - CPH

29/01 - Blågårds Apotek - CPH

17/01 - Cafe Retro - CPH

Before this the band was called Team Utrolian, and played a number of gigs.. but that was then.

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Stranger The Horse

Hear Stranger The Horse’s latest work on the songs that will be part of the forthcoming album, Play it on the Tannoys (working title) on Soundcloud: as well as the ready-to-go release Exit: Cantina

Stranger The Horse is a rock/indie band from Copenhagen, Denmark consisting of Julian Falck, Anders Christensen, Simon Dyhr, Lasse Storgaard and Gert Smedegaard.

Julian Falck and Anders Christensen met in 2010 when Julian sat in for the drummer in a band that Anders was playing with. After collaborating on an album by Karoline Munksnæs (Julian as producer, Anders as guitarist) and playing in Pernille Gunvad’s touring band, The Marines, the two decided to form a band. While gigging at local Copenhagen venues like Rust, Klub Geyser, Operaen and Blågårds Apotek, they recorded and released a number of songs that were met with critical acclaim from as well as having one song included on the iTunes release Absolute Danish Artists.

Taking influence from The Flaming Lips, Little Feat and Neil Young, as well as from the sounds of country, punk and various Mexican bands, Stranger The Horse combines hauntingly beautiful songs with rock ‘n’ roll energy, the borderless sounds of world music and tight vocal-harmonies.

Julian Falck, the main songwriter in Stranger The Horse is no stranger to mixing various musical styles and genres. Starting out as a drummer with his father’s band at the tender age of 11 and playing live almost every weekend until his early twenties, Julian learned to navigate between country, blues, bluegrass, jigs, reels and rock on any given night. He was further educated in music as a producer of several albums by various Danish artists, as well as writing his own music, some of which was used in Danish television-productions such as “Borgen”, “Forbrydelsen” and “Broen”.

At this point in their history, Stranger The Horse is a hardworking band, gigging wherever they can, while working on the songs that will make up their second album, Play it on the Tannoys, while preparing for the release of Exit: Cantina, which will be out on vinyl sometime during fall 2015.

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Only Vinyl

Stranger The Horse will strive only to be available on vinyl. digitally you can stream everything for free on soundcloud. But we won't promise the versions will be the same as on the vinyl. 

Please join us, follow us, hear us, like us on all these internet mediums out there. We would love to have your internet appreciation. :-) Thank you!

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Well, thats about what i could handle administrating on the web... :-) Best of love, and i hope to play for you one day! anywhere in the world! Julian.

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